Episode 1

“Rules For Social Media”

Rules that we think will help you and your children from trouble in Social Media.

What does this have to do with Christianity?

The reality is Social Media has a lot to do with a lot with many aspects of our lives today. It’s a place where many people go to regularly interact, so just like how our real world has an impact to our morality, integrity and Christianity, our Social Media world can have the same, or in some cases, an even deeper and longer lasting impact.

To put that into perspective, currently…about 1.86 Billion people are active each month on Facebook alone, which is 17% increase over the previous year. Social Media is far too big to just ignore.

We all know that how we behave in the real world impacts how people view us; our reputation, and even what types of influences positive and negative that are allowed into our lives…these can be magnified and exacerbated on social media because the wrong message can be spread so quickly to so many people and twist it out of proportion so dramatically. It’s such a large audience and you don’t want that representation of yourself to be out there in the wrong way. That’s why we feel like it is important to understand the potential problems and exercise discipline when using social media.

Even if you don’t think that you use it or you don’t use it, this episode will still be important for you.

That being said, we pulled together 5 great rules that we can all use for keeping out of trouble and keeping a good Christian reputation with Social Media.

These rules are from Christianitytoday.com an article written by Ashley Grace Emmert. You can read the article here: http://www.christianitytoday.com/iyf/hottopics/faithvalues/5-rules-for-social-media-sanity.html.

In this episode, we’ll learn:

5 Rules of Social Media That You Can Teach Your Kids to Keep Them Out of Trouble

– What/who we want to avoid interacting with
– What we should avoid posting
– Recognize and address the possible outcomes of each action
– Limitations on the use of Social Media
– Handling difficult/inappropriate situations
– Using Social Media to tell the world about Christianity
– Spreading positivity through Social Media
– Avoiding/handling Negativity in a positive and Christian way

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We have included an Image card for these 5 rules, so you can easily share it to Social Media.

5 Rules of Social Media Web

A printable version is also available for you.

5 Rules of Social Media Printable

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