About Christian Chit Chat


Christian Chit-Chat is a podcast, also known as an internet radio show, where we take a look at a variety of real world issues and problems that many of us face and try to tackle them from a Christian perspective. This is not your “typical” religious program however.

Our Promise To You

We will not be “preachy”. Not that there is anything wrong with preaching, but our style is more of a casual conversation approach.
We will never judge you. A big reason why many people tend to tune out Christianity and other religions is because they feel that they are being judged. While we absolutely do feel that there are rights and wrongs in this world, we do not feel that it is our job to be the judge of you and your life. All we want to do is help you along the way and hopefully point you in a strong direction.
We will not always be right. Yep, you heard it, we won’t always be right. We’re real humans trying our best to help as many people as possible, but with that comes the reality that we may make mistakes or just be wrong from time to time. What we will do, however, is admit our mistakes and do our best to correct them.

Our Mission

We feel that Christianity has been given a “bad rap” in modern days. Much of that reputation has been unfairly earned by people throughout history (and modern times) behaving badly in the name of Christianity. Fair or not, this is a reality and something that we want to overcome. We believe that the core and fundamentals of Christianity are pure and nothing to be ashamed of. They teach patience, understanding, forgiveness, generosity, peace and kindness amongst many other positive virtues. This is what we believe Christianity is, what it stands for, and the attributes that we want to show the world.
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